Sedation Dentistry

Topeka’s Relaxation Specialists

Being nervous about visiting the dentist, or having a fear of needles or dental equipment is completely normal. In fact, many people experience some form of anxiety over receiving dental treatment. Even though it’s a common issue, your oral health shouldn’t suffer because of a fear of the dentist.

Make Dental Anxiety an Issue of the Past

We understand, and we’re here to help. We want you to get the care that you need to have a healthy, brilliant smile, and we want you to be relaxed and calm while having the work done. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry! No matter what your reason for being nervous, our caring and compassionate team will put your fears at ease.

Sedation dentistry is great for children as well, as it helps build trust in the dentist from a young age by eliminating the child’s anxiety. We offer conscious sedation, which means you are awake and responding, but calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. For more advanced procedures, dental anesthesia can be administered.

Oral Sedation

Prior to having a procedure, the dentist will prescribe medication in the form of a pill, which you will take before arriving for your appointment. Oral sedation calms your nerves, but still allows you to be awake and aware. If you are fine swallowing a pill, this may be the sedation option for you, depending on your treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is an inhaled gas that offers mild sedation to patients. The benefit of using nitrous oxide is that it wears off quickly once the gas is stopped, and there aren’t any lasting effects, meaning you won’t feel groggy or tired the rest of the day. Nitrous oxide is the best sedation option for children, as long as they are able to breathe through their nose.

IV Sedation

Dr. Derek Durbin is the only IV Sedation Certified Dentist in all of Topeka! IV sedation, in which medication is administered through an IV, is easier to control and more predictable compared to oral sedation, which makes it ideal for longer procedures.