Restorative Dentistry

The Natural Choice for Topeka Smiles

Restorative dentistry focuses on rehabilitation of your natural teeth and ensuring that all aspects of your mouth, including your teeth, gums, and jaw, work together to give you optimal functionality and a beautiful smile. Restorative dentistry is used in conjunction with cosmetic procedures so your smile looks as great as it feels.

The best practice is to fight the minor problems before they become larger, complicated issues. Our restorative dentistry services stop problems in their tracks, including decay and infection, and we strive to repair your natural teeth whenever possible.

Natural-looking Teeth for a Healthier Mouth

If you’ve lost teeth due to medical issues, trauma, or other causes, you should consider replacing the tooth quickly. Missing teeth are detrimental to your total oral health, and can diminish your confidence in your smile. Healthy teeth can shift positions to account for the gap caused by missing teeth, as well as adding extra stress to your remaining teeth when you bite or chew. Gaps and spaces between teeth give infection-causing bacteria and plaque a place to hide, so replacing teeth with a fixed prosthetic eliminates the possibility of hidden plaque buildup. At Today’s Dentistry, we offer solutions for missing teeth including bridges and dental implants, which are the most natural-looking and functioning prosthodontics.

No matter what your smile needs to look and feel refreshed, we’re ready to help. Our compassionate, caring dentists and their team of professionals look forward to restoring your smile to its natural beauty, while keeping your oral health at the forefront of all treatments.


If decay is present, or your tooth is damaged, we may recommend a dental filling. A filling is one of the most common restorations in dentistry. The procedure is non-invasive and requires the dentist to remove the decayed area from inside the tooth. Once the area is clean, a filling material is packed into the tooth to restore function. Broken or cracked teeth can also be fixed with a filling in some cases. We use amalgam fillings only when necessary, as most of our dental fillings are completed with composite tooth-colored material.

Crowns and Bridges

If your tooth is cracked or broken, a dental crown may be the best option for repair. Crowns are “caps” that cover the entire portion of the tooth above the surface. Crowns are used to protect teeth that have become weakened through endodontic therapy, or have a large filling. Crowns are matched to your natural teeth so the restoration blends in smoothly.

Dental bridges are a replacement option for a missing tooth or series of missing teeth. Two crowns are bonded to the healthy teeth on each side of the gap left from the missing teeth, and serve as anchors for a prosthetic tooth or teeth. We use both porcelain-fused-to-metal and metal-free dental crowns and bridges, depending on which best suits your needs.


Dental implants are the most natural replacement for missing teeth, and provide maximum stability and durability. Dental implants rely on a titanium post that is surgically placed into your jaw bone to act as a root structure for a prosthetic tooth. At Today’s Dentistry, we’ll refer you to a skilled specialist to place the implant. Once it completely heals and fuses to the bone, we’ll restore your implant with the perfect prosthetic, which will look and function like your real teeth. It’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to avoid bigger issues such as bite problems and tooth shifting. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or a full series of missing teeth. Ask us if dental implants are right for you.


We want you to keep your natural teeth whenever possible, so we may recommend endodontic therapy, commonly referred to as “root canal treatment.” Endodontic therapy removes infected or diseased dental pulp, and seals the tooth. Sometimes a dental crown restoration is used in conjunction with endodontic therapy to support the tooth structurally. Forget what you’ve heard about root canals. We’ll keep you relaxed throughout your treatment. We perform endodontic therapy on molars, premolars, and anterior teeth right in our office.


As often as possible, we strive to preserve your natural teeth. However, in some cases the healthiest thing for your mouth is to remove a damaged or extensively decayed tooth to restore functionality to your teeth. If you need a tooth removed, we’ll keep you relaxed and comfortable during the whole procedure. We perform minor extractions from the comfort of our office with the team of dentists you trust, so you never have to worry about your care.